Helena Heilig


Helena Heilig, born 1977 in London, studied photography and digital imaging at the Oxford Brooks University in England and since 2002 has worked as a freelance photographer in Munich.

In 2010, Helena started experimenting with the Camera Obscura from a desire to slow down and balance her working life. The technique is simple: light from the surroundings enters a lightproof box through a tiny hole. During the long exposure of up to 150 seconds many unforseen things can happen. In this way, pictures taken with the Camera Obscura form a contrast to digital photography. As an observer, you are regaining the freedom of interpretation.

The magic effect is what excites Helena the most: hard contours blur, moving elements turn into vague lines and painting-like contrasts. Reality develops into a new shape in different, individual ways.

Since 2017, Helena has also been engaged in art photography beyond the Camera Obscura. Some of her exhibition projects are an interplay of photography and text. The viewer learns about the person portrayed in a text bringing the image to another deeper level. Helena's current exhibition project deals with pub-owners and restaurant-managers in their empty pubs and restaurants during the corona lockdown in spring 2020.


Portraits aus dem Arabellahaus

Portraits aus dem Arabellahaus


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