Helena Heilig

Helena Heilig The Art Echo

In 2010 Helena started experimenting with the Camera Obscura to personally slow down and balance her working life.

The technique is simple: light from the surroundings enters a lightproof box through a tiny hole. During the long exposure of up to 150 seconds many unforeseen things can happen. Therefore pictures taken with a Camera Obscura form a contrast to digital photography. As an observer, you are regaining the freedom of interpretation.

The magic effect is what excites Helena the most: hard contours blur, moving elements turn into vague lines and painting-like contrasts. Reality develops into a new shape.
For a multi-layered experience, sound serves as added element to each photographed moment. The sounds are exactly the same length as the individual exposure time. You can play the sounds directly from the web using your smartphone.

Look, listen and enjoy!